Professor E.O. Ogunbodede



Professor E.O Ogunbode 


Main Appointments:

Vice Chancellor /Professor in Preventive Dentistry, Consultant Preventive Dentistry,OAUTHC.

Email : eogunbodede@

Phone : +234 (0)

Address :  Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Research & Clinical Specialties :

Professor Ogunbodede is a Professor per excellence in the field of Dental Public Health. He has worked in many universities outside OAU through which he has gathered a wide broad base academic experience. He specializes in the field of Oral epidemiology, Diseases of Public Health importance, Primary Oral Health Care and Health Promotion. Professor Ogunbodede is the Vice Chancellor of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Oral epidemiology

Diseases of Public Health importance

Primary Oral Health Care and Health Promotion


Distinctions :

Select Publications

Olukoga A, Folayan M, Olukoga T, Harris G, Ogunbodede E (2011). Healthcare Workers’ perceptions of Hospitals’ Institutional Structure. American journal of Tropical Medicine & Public Health 1(3): 79-88.

Nwhator S.O. Ogunbodede E, Adedigba M, SagayD. (2010) Prognostic indicators of gingival recession in Nigeria: Preliminary findings. TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin 9 (3): 187-194.

Adeniyi A.A, Ogunbodede E.O, Jeboda S.O. Sofola O.O. (2009) Dental caries occurrence and associated oral hygiene practices among rural and urban Nigerian preschool children. Journal of Dentistry and Oral Hygiene 1 (7): 64-70.

Jeboda S.O. Adeniyi A.A, Ogunbodede E.O. (2009) . Assessment of preventive oral health knowledge and practice among rural and urban mothers in Lagos State. Nigerian Postgraduate Medical journal 16(4):239-244.

Uti O.G. Agbelusi G.A. Jeb oda S.O. Ogunbodede E.O. (2009) .Infection control knowledge and practices related to HIV among Nigerian dentists. Journal of Infection in Developing Countries 15:3(8):604-10.



Curriculum Vitae

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